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Systematic & methodical health services.

”1,2,3...Initial lab tests, treatment protocols, re-test.”
Calculated-based recommendations only
Consultancy & diagnostic
Take the guess work out of your health concerns and symptoms
Health & Maintain
Measured and Managed Health and Wellness
Safe Nutrition

It's hard to find balance in this world, at every turn there's a perfect remedy. Well we are not offering a perfect remedy, we are offering an innovative way to approach health (methodically and systematically).  We also DO NOT offer a one size fits all program; like our fingerprints, our biochemistry is unique.  Two people suffering from the same disease, will have very different biochemical markers.   Here at Calculated Nutrition we search out the facts about your individual biochemistry. We want to know: How you feel right now and what’s going on in your body? Are you satisfied with your existing treatment plan?  Have you thought about longevity lately and quality of life?  These are questions only you can answer. 

We are dedicated to offering REAL help and desire to assist and/or lead you in the right direction.  Integrity, empathy and ethics are of utmost importance to our clinic, and to provide the best health services as possible.  Note: if our clinic doesn’t provide certain tools or techniques, we are more than willing to refer you to other health-care practitioners.

Ask about our personalized health analysis or choose al a cart below:

Nutrition & Fitness Programs

  1. How to cook - Basic to Advanced Sessions. (Group or Private Sessions Available)

  2. Pantry & Refrigerator Make-Over

  3. How to cook with Alternative Ingredients (Gluten-Free, Sugar Control, Weight Loss)

  4. Afternoon Planning, Shopping, and Cooking with the Chef.

  5. Cooking for Children and Picky Eaters

  6. Expecting Mothers and Infant/Babies Cooking Tips

  7. How to find and prepare ‘Foods that Heal,’ for overall good health

  8. From Farm to Table (CSA/Farm education)

  9. Don’t break the bank--Healthy Food on a Budget

  10. Adopt a new eating standard ‘Clean Eating’ and “Eating 4 Health”

  11. More Recipes “To Live for, Not Die...”

  12. Fasting Program. (Fasting is a technique, which must be done
    properly to avoid creating imbalance to your biochemistry.)

  13. Detox Programs (Fungal, Heavy Metals, Candida, Bacterial, Viral etc.)

  14. More Specific Biochemical Panel Analysis (I.e. focused attention towards
    correcting your Liver Function, Kidney Function, or Adrenal Function...)

  15. Supplement Selection Programs and Analysis

  16. How to Meal Plan for the whole year to achieve healing and life-long results.

  17. Kitchen Equipment how-to use and what items to purchase

  18. Other (Tailor made programs, patient specific health concerns)

  19. Meal Planning

  20. Disease Recover Diets (Cancer, Diabetes, ADHD etc)

  21. Gardening Education

  22. Shopping The Healthy Way

  23. Recipe Modifications (Turn your favorite recipes into health favorites)

  24. Weight Loss Programs (Including Physical Fitness Planning)

  25. Physical Fitness Planning

Biochemistry & Diagnostic Tools

  1. Complete Wellness Blood Test & Analysis

  2. Other Lab Tests

  3. In-Office Testing

  4. Take Home Testing Kits

  5. Charting Progress and Recovery

  6. Symptoms Analysis

Calculated Services
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 Symptoms Analysis. 
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