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Do you know what’s going on in your body, do you have an clear picture?  Well if not, you can know what specific vitamins your body is lacking.  You can stop wasting your money on those supplements that are either not working or are not needed by your body.
The Real Truth about what you are eating; get ready to see this horror story about US/FDA approved food. Our food supply contains up to 14,000 food chemicals...additive, trans-fats, high fructose corn syrup, Splenda®, Aspartame, fully & partially hydrogenated oil... PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT TO VIEW THIS MOVIE CLIPS or order the Ingreedients Movie from amazon.
Child nutrition can be a key to maintaining life long healthy habits. Start your children off right, institute candies, treats and sweets pastries much later, after they have grown to like and/or love vegetables. tshapeimage_13_link_0
Therapeutic cooking during a disease recovery phase. If you are suffer from a chronic or terminal disease, cooking the right foods is very important.
Lab specials for the month: Vitamin D; and Wellness Blood Panel; have your annual blood tests this month! Order Today!Specials.htmlshapeimage_16_link_0