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Lab results, medical research, epidemiology data.
”Calculated Nutrition thrive on test results...Your lab results are a window into your health and our nutritional recommendations.”
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Analyzing lab data is one of our specialties. We analyze existing lab tests, order new lab tests and/or perform some in-office testing, all to find a calculated and measurable solution.

  1. Where are your latest lab results?

  2. What do your lab results mean?

  3. How to correct optimize labs results?

  4. What’s the big deal about lab results?

  5. What do your results have to do with your state of health?

There are many questions around the topic of lab results and health, and here at Calculated Nutrition we can help you answer these questions and more. Take a look at your recent lab results, or sent them to us, we want to help you optimize your health.

At Calculated Nutrition we thrive on test results because your lab results are a window into your health. 

Our health practitioners assist you in understanding the medical jargon around your existing condition(s). We also devise plans of action to optimize your lab results.  For example, out of range cholesterol levels can be optimized with a few lifestyle changes, but what are these changes and how can they be personalized?  We have strategies to find answers for your health issues--peace of mind is here, so put an end to the guess work today.

Our conclusions are based on your specific biochemistry, scientific evidence/research, and epidemiology data.

Featured Lab Tests
 Wellness Panel
 Lipid Panel.
 Urine Analysis. 
 Hair Analysis.

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(Briefly, we take your lab results and analyze them against multiple reference ranges (Functional and Pathological); next we present solutions to correct your out of range results.)  Every solution we offer is based on calculated measures.

Our lab provider is LabCorp.

Find out more about our symptoms analysis; learn how to correct of your annoying symptoms.

  1. BulletOur recommendations are based on your individual lab results.

  1. BulletFind out what your blood is telling you about your state of health. Your blood never lies!

Calculated Nutrition Tests and Analysis
  1. Your lab results are a window into your health.

  2. A barometer and a roadmap towards achieving health and wellness.

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