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What does a nutrient-conscious parent look like? When should you consider giving your child vitamins, and/or should you even start? If so, what are the best vitamins to choose? To Vaccinate or not? Children and candy? Children and fast food, what are the consequences? Childhood diabetes and heart disease, is not unheard of today, is your child at risk?

Here at Calculated Nutrition we help parents answer tough questions like these.


Which nutrients become particularly important during adolescent years? How do you combat teenage acne? What vitamins should you be giving your teenagers?  My teenager is moody, what do I do? Puberty and nutrition made easy.  What are some consequences to teenage drug abuse, specifically regarding their bodies and brain?  My teenager has an eating disorder.


Stress Stress Stress; what are the consequences to stress? Are you prepared for the next phase of life, is your health well enough to sustain longevity and disease-free?  If we could tell you where your health is headed would you like to know--before it’s too late?


Deficiencies become evident during the mature years of life, do you know what your deficiencies are? Back pain, some reasons behind it?  Hip and knee replacements, make sure you are not a candidate. Digestive issues. Quick, easy nutritious meals. Afraid of moving out and into a nursing home, prolong or prevent this from occurring? Keep dementia out of your future.


If heart disease is the number one cause of death in America, would you like to know if you are at risk? How are diabetes and heart disease linked? How much salt is too much? What is a Heart-Friendly meal?  Vitamins for the heart to prevent, reverse, or manage heart conditions.


Cancer can be devastating, demoralizing and seem quite hopeless and out of desperation and despair one may grasp for all sorts of remedies both conventional and/or alternative. We take an integrative approach to our cancer patients, the choice of treatment is absolutely up to you and your family. If you need a supportive cancer meal plan during chemotherapy or a systematic game plan for reaching your full health potential we can help. Cancer is a very complex disease and our services are geared towards evaluating your blood chemistry, diet and calculating treatment plans that match your blood imbalances and your particular cancer. What does all this mean?, if you choose to fight, we will fight with you, whether you have been given 6 months or an indefinite amount of time to live.  Increasing your awareness of nutrition as it relates to your body on a cellular level. Contact us because there is a lot to discuss regarding cancer.


Many people think allergies are not a big deal. We believe they are a big deal. Allergies show up many times in the form of symptoms, ranging from hay fever, mucus forming cough after eating, and/or diarrhea after eating certain foods like bread for example.  Our symptoms analysis is a great tool for identifying your symptoms, and our report reveals the root cause of your allergies.  In addition to the report, we can provide you with a treatment plan to correct and put an end to your allergies.


Everyone is going GLUTEN-FREE, fact or foe, trend or reality? Do you want to understand what is going on in your body and the reason(s) why you are not able to tolerate gluten?  ‘I have a gluten allergy, what do I do now?’  Do you suspect you are gluten intolerant, do you want to know what to do next?  ‘Okay, I am have celiac’s disease, what do I eat now?’


Diabetes is one of the top leading causes of death in America and is of utmost importance to us. Are you confused about what to eat now? Our treatment plans are tailor for the patient’s desires. Is it possible to reverse diabetes? Do you crave sweets? Do you want to know how to lose weight?



Pregnancy, infertility, PMS, Menopause, self-esteem, weight loss/gain are just a few of the health concerns women face; do you have questions pertaining to your health, and do you want to know how to feel sexy again, to feel young and healthy?

Contact us to learn more


Hair loss, “mid life” crisis, weight gain, muscle gain, prostate health, are just a few of the health concerns men face; do you have questions pertaining to your health, and do you want to know how to feel “macho” again?

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