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”Your health matters to us. You will get the best nutrition advice and health education in our clinic.”
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Our health practitioners create health & wellness solutions for your personalized health needs. We are an integrative health & wellness clinic.

Calculated Nutrition Philosophy

-Symptoms are early warning signs before a particular disease appears

-Nutrient deficiencies cause symptoms

-Chronic symptoms cause certain diseases

-Diseases are symptoms in full force

-Health is the absence of disease

-Prevention is the key to staying healthy

In a nutshell: preventing disease is to identify symptoms and correct nutrient deficiencies. Contribute to health, wellness and longevity by preventing disease.

We believe health can be achieved through calculated measures, state of the art tools, innovative techniques, dedication & determination, professionalism, expertise (medical, nutrition, fitness professionals) and motivation.

Calculated Nutrition Mission

To assist those searching for health and wellness, both young and old. We are dedicated to helping you understand the why, how, when and what regarding your current condition(s) and to provide preventative health and wellness services to the community.

Calculated Nutrition Certifications

We are certified and insured to provide nutrition, health and wellness services in the US and online. Our certifications are within the health, nutrition, and Natural & Therapeutic culinary fields (University of Nebraska-Omaha, Bauman-College and A.F.P.A).  We are NOT licensed medical doctors, nor do we claim to be, HOWEVER, we come along side your health-care team to help you understand the medical jargon. We also take it one step further by helping you devise a plan of action to correct your lab results--a plan that your health-care team can agree upon.  The father of medicine, Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Proof is in the results!

Calculated Nutrition Health Education

We believe in teaching health education. To understand your body and how internal and external factors directly affect your health will help you to make better decisions about nutrition, supplements, and exercise.

Calculated Nutrition Recommendations

Our recommendations are a combination of the following:

Nutrition Education

Lab test analysis 

Diet, Meal Planning and Detox Programs

Supplement Recommendations

Physical Fitness Programs

Weight-loss Programs

Further Lab Testings

Personalized Health Analysis



Health & Wellness

La Shonte’ Smith
Clinic director
I personally promise to provide you with accurate medical researched information and nutrition  advice.

Calculated Nutrition Vision

Teaming with your health-care provider(s) to create the best health & wellness solutions for you and your family.